Symptoms of Anxiety- We Have To Know

Anxiety is a very basic emotion when he or she is stressed. Anxiety is diagnosed when you observe some anxiety symptoms and consult a Doctor.

An average of around 30-35% of people is suffering from anxiety nowadays. When the emotion a person feels becomes excessive,Guest Posting it is named a Disorder. There are different types of anxiety disorders such as panic, OCD, stress, etc. Anxiety is diagnosed when you observe some anxiety symptoms and consult a Doctor.

What are Anxiety Symptoms?
The most important and common symptom of anxiety is stress or excessive fear of anything. The two factors with which anxiety is associated are Biological and Psychological factors. Some potential biological and psychological risk factors include genetics, childhood experiences, early life experiences, and early life experiences. Some social environmental factors include childhood exposure to traumatic events and/or emotional abuse.

Physical Symptoms of Anxiety Tensed Muscles
When you have tensed muscles for most of the days, it means you can have anxiety issues. It is not fixed that why they are associated with anxiety, but it is a very common anxiety symptom.

Body Pain
There are signs of pain in different parts of your body, be it head, stomach, or anything. This can be due to any factor that is stress, etc.

Nausea or Digestive Problems
There may be signs of you feeling nausea and having digestive issues because of various reasons. If you are constantly feeling these, you should consult a Doctor who would suggest to you what to do for further treatment.

There are some other physical attributes that are the symptoms of anxiety such as Fatigue, trembling, and shaking of hands, sweating, pondering of heartbeat, etc. These are some other factors of physical pains that you go through while anxious.

Psychological Symptoms of Anxiety Restlessness
Restlessness is a very common anxiety symptom. Almost three-fourths of the patients suffering from anxiety report this anxiety symptom. If there is restlessness for about 8-9 months, then it is a sign of anxiety disorder.

Problem in Socializing
You start feeling uneasy while socializing with people. You get worried that maybe people in society will judge you. This is also one of the most common anxiety symptoms. When you start to become shy or quiet when people meet in gatherings, this is a sign of anxiety.

Difficulty in Concentrating
When you start experiencing difficulty in concentrating on anything, this can be a sign of anxiety. When someone is suffering from anxiety, the stress levels increase which makes it difficult for the brain to concentrate.

Some people feel irritated very easily. This can be a sign of anxiety. Around 90% of people who have anxiety issues suffer from Irritability. A report shows people with Generalized Anxiety Disorder feel more irritated. (especially young and middle-aged adults).

Insomnia is when you start feeling difficulty in sleeping. If you start feeling this, you may be suffering from anxiety. Waking up in the middle of the night or staying up till late in childhood days may cause anxiety later in life.

Panic Attacks
There is a type of anxiety called Panic Disorder. In this, the main anxiety symptom is panic attacks. They cause an extreme sense of fear in yourself. This is due to shortness of breath, nausea, etc. They can happen in isolation and frequent panic attacks can be a sign of Anxiety Disorder.

Extreme Fears
There are times when you develop a certain phobia (extreme fear). This feeling sometimes becomes more severe that it interferes with the ability to function and develop anxiety issues.

When to Visit a Doctor?
If you have any of these symptoms, see a doctor immediately. These symptoms require immediate medical attention. Immediate treatment is required because if you will ignore any of these, it can cause a bigger problem in the future. You may also have another serious health condition. Some people may not experience all or any of these symptoms. The doctor will observe your physical health. He or she will examine that if any cause of the anxiety is the physical problems. If the problem is not related to physical problems, then the Doctor may suggest you consult a Psychologist.

Anxiety is diagnosed when the patient has experienced four or more of the above-mentioned symptoms for a minimum of six months. If you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder then you may want to consider seeing a professional who deals with Anxiety disorders. Anxiety can have many causes, so getting the right diagnosis from a qualified physician can help you get the treatment you need to live a normal life.

To diagnosis the type of anxiety, the psychologist will ask you some questions. On the basis of symptoms and the cause, he or she will determine how intense the condition is. You must inform your doctor if you are having any problem doing work anywhere.

If you have anxiety or any symptoms of anxiety, take appropriate measures before it gets late. If you are having any problem in sleeping, concentrating at

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